Benefits & Usage of Andalusite Gemstone Beads

Andalusite Gemstone belongs to Aluminum Silicate Family. It is generally found in oblong shape with the ‘cross’ evident on the end diameter. The gemstone is also known as Chiastolite, Faerie, and Cross Stone.

Zodiac Affinity

Andalusite has a great affinity with the signs of Virgo and Libra. Its planet is earth and element is air. Also, this gemstone is supposed to have a receptive and projective energy. 

Physical Benefits

Andalusite can improve oxygen deficiency; hence, you can use it to cure your hands and eyes disorders. The gemstone can also promote orderly chromosome development.  


Andalusite Gemstone Beads

Emotional Benefits

Andalusite promotes wisdom. It helps us to evaluate problems from different perspectives and this often leads to a solution.

Spiritual Benefits

Andalusite enhances our emotional, physical and intellectual sides. It makes us unbiased in our observations and judgments. It also helps us in reaching the higher levels of spirituality by allowing us to focus on the intent.

Intellectual Benefits

Andalusite can enhance your memory, intellectual thinking and recollection.

Usage of Andalusite 

Andalusite is very beneficial for those who are in despair due to others, adverse situations or bad old memories. To enjoy the benefits of Andalusite gemstone, keep this gemstone always in your pocket or bag. If you love jewellery, then wear Andalusite gemstone beads. You can buy Andalusite gemstone beads online at Ratna Sagar Jewels.