Bi-Color Quartz Gemstone Beads

Most people who have come across the Amtrine Gemstone will acknowledge the elegance and healing properties exhibited by the bi-colour quartz gemstone beads. Ametrine is ranked as the only bi-colour quartz gemstone that can be used with economical benefits. The beads made of the bi-colour gemstone are relatively new members in the family of semi-precious gemstone beads.

The Visual Appeal

The Bi-colour quartz gemstone has a blend of purple and yellow hue that looks like a suspension of oil paint. The cloudy appearance is a natural composition and can’t be recreated artificially. The bi-colour gemstone made of gemstone consists of “Amethyst” and “Citrine”. The Purple colour is derived from amethyst while the golden yellow hue is attributed to the presence of citrine crystal. The differential percentage of each gemstone crystal gives the bi-colour quartz gemstone its delightful appearance.

What are the various commercial names of the gemstone?

Bi-colour quartz gemstone or Ametrine derives its name from AMEthyst and ciTRINE. Popular names used in the commercial segment are:

  • Bicolour Amethyst
  • Bicolour Citrine
  • Amethyst-Citrine
  • Trystine
  • Bolivianite

The bi-colour quartz gemstone is called “Bolivianite” as it is the natural gemstone of Bolivia.

Significance of Bi-colour Quartz Beads

The owner of the gemstone experience:

  • Freshness in body and mind
  • Polished thoughts while communicating with spouse and business partners
  • Improved mood at work place and social eco-system
  • De-clogging of mental blockages and rejuvenated zeal to accept challenges in life
  • Willingness to enter into business of showmanship, entertainment and literature
  • Explore spiritual aspects in life

In order to gain maximum benefit of wearing the stone, it should be cut with a square facet. It fuses the properties of Amethyst and Citrine into one without affecting the energy levels of the individual.

Healing Properties of the Bi-Colour Quartz Beads

No two gemstones made of Bi-Colour amethyst will have the same colour. This makes it unique in appearance. The amethyst in the gemstone brings the healing effect while citrine is responsible for calming the effects of healing. This is the reason why it is also called as the “Balanced Stone” and “Energy Stone.” It promotes creativity, but the true importance is related to the way it heals Healing properties include”

  • Recovery from surgery
  • Recovery from serious accidents or burn
  • Revival in life after from attempts to commit suicide
  • Improved sexual coordination with partner or spouse
  • Improvement in Memory
  • Controlled Weight gain during pregnancy for a safe delivery
  • Improvement in dexterity and attention among kids and adults inflicted with ADHD

Applications in Life

Individuals who are facing hardships at the workplace due to stress and commitment issues can opt for the bi-colour quartz gemstone. It protects the person wearing it or owning it from getting affected by unfair practices at the workplace, partiality and cheating. It is also good for business where new projects and latent deals are concerned.