Black Spinel Gemstones

Black Spinel gemstones are hard gemstones which are normally found at few places only like Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Africa. It is a member of black spinel family. Black spinel beads are also found in these categories which is quite famous and efficient in maintaining an overall stamina of an individual.

It is an opaque jet black variety of gemstones that falls under spinel family. It is a leading black stone which is highly durable as they possess a hardness of power 8. Although it lacks the metallic luster in them, yet they are quite popular in gemstones because it is a true gem. It makes an attractive centre stone when surrounded by diamonds and sapphires. They are normally confused with black tourmaline which is also a great black gemstone due to similar appearance and shine.


Black spinel is considered one of the rarest spinel available. It is associated with love and helps the possessor to put their egos aside and act devoted and kind to the other person. It also helps you to provide confidence to the enthusiasm and passion of a person and also increase the life of an individual. It is a very protective stone that helps in maintaining and improving relationships and resolving issues and fights. The most important significance of these stones is they are appropriate for all the jewelry purposes and perfect to carry everyday on regular basis.

General use
Black spinel is efficient in bringing up high energy and boosting up the morale and stamina of an individual. It is used to draw capital, wealth and prosperity in one’s life. It is also used to bring vivacity to the soul of a person. The gemstone carries high energy which charges a person inside out and he becomes quite active not only in his personal environment but also in his professional life. It enhances his work life and provides him power to progress towards his best destiny.
In psychological terms, black spinel is used for aura cleansing and purification of your atmosphere you live in. it helps to think positive and better every time. It brings a powerful liveliness in you and makes your life vibrant and energetic. The gemstone enhances your mental and intellectual power. It helps to diminish and get rid of lack of memory from the mind. It helps to make your brain sharper and active.

Although Black spinel is not a very popular gemstone, yet its distinguished features and characteristics have made it an ultimate choice for an opaque black gem. Nowadays, most of the gemstones go through a routine enhancement treatment to maintain it’s finishing and glow for long but this precious gemstone needs nothing more than simple cutting and polishing to show up the inner beauty it carries within itself. You can also go for a natural and untreated black spinel gem if you like. They possess uniform nature and high quality of reflectance in them. With the lack of cleavage in them, it has turned out to be one of the excellent gemstone available.