Blue Topaz

Blue topaz gemstone represents the blue colour of the sky which symbolizes the relationship of almighty with his folks. It is used efficiently in dealing with problem related to broken relationships with spouse, family or friends. It is advised to wear the stone in use with any part of your body for better results. The blue topaz beads helps in maintaining a balance of life and distinguishing between the positive and negative aspects of life.

Birthstone importance
Blue topaz is the birthstone of the month of December. The true meaning of the gem represents love, understanding and loyalty. It holds a major significant in the life of true lovers and loyal mates. It maintains harmony and synchronization in your life. It is best to be worn in the form of a ring or pendant for regular use.

Varieties of the stone
The real meaning of blue topaz lies in healing love and relationships. There are several kinds of blue topaz available which is found in blue colour. Blue topaz has numerous variations. All the colours of blue topaz are considered as topaz. It has several other names like Sky blue topaz, Swiss blue topaz and London blue topaz. Sky blue topaz is of sky colour and London blue topaz is of darkest blue colour. The Swiss colour of topaz is generally preferred among stone lovers as it is bright in colour ad looks very elegant and graceful.
Uses of the gemstone
It is normally considered great in mending broken relationships with lovers and family. It maintains balance in life. It is also considered excellent in healing your health if affected by any disease. It also helps to develop the area of digestion and struggle against problems like anorexia. It treats people with trouble of taste, sore throat and headache. It is very helpful when people fall prey of nervousness during stage performances or dealing with their seniors. It helps to make you calm and comfortable.

Significance of blue topaz
Blue topaz highlights the ability of your communication and be expressive. It articulates your capacity to speak and write well, fight with difficulties in public speaking, enhance concentration and thinking levels. It also makes you realise your goals and employment that is best suited for you. It assists you in making better decisions and achieving bigger goals in a specified time. It makes you clear your wishes and be more expressive to your family and friends. It also makes you communicate with clarity and transparency in which the other people can clearly understand you.

The blue topaz is a gemstone that is used mainly as a form of jewelleries either as a ring or a pendant or necklace. They are very bright and attractive to look at. They are available at many places like India, Pakistan Sri Lanka, South Africa, Japan, Australia, Mexico and USA. It is a very beautiful gemstone that is rare and precious. Although they are available on online sites yet it is advisable to get them from professional jewelleries for authenticity.