Boost your luck with Amazonite Beads

Gorgeousness, robustness, destiny and paucity are few noteworthy features of gemstones and an Amazonite gemstone bead is not an exception to it. Also known as Amazon due to its semi-opaque blue having the ability of hypnotizing anyone without any effort is also recognized for its onion shape style. Due to its distinctive colors and rare availability this gemstone is also considered as one of the semi precious gemstones available in limited corners of world as the result of which is also regarded as an asset by the persons having it. The versatility of Amazonite beads is not only restricted to its color, beauty of design but it is also blessed with various holistic powers adhered in it. As a general practice it is used as pendent in necklaces which makes it as one of the highly liked jewelry item by every woman.

Boost your luck with Amazonite Beads

It would be interested to know that there are various myths associated with this semi precious and onion shaped gemstone. It is believed that this gemstone is generally extracted in month of December which is also considered as zodiac sign of Virgo and therefore it is considered as the fortunate gemstone for persons born in month of December. It is said that use of this gemstone augments the creativity and self confidence of the wearer, moving ahead it is also believed that use of this stone also brings mental peace to the wearer. Another interesting myth associated with Amazonite gemstone is that it is considered as ancestors of Egyptian warriors.

One more thing which needs to be specifically mentioned here about this precious gemstone bead is that it is also enriched with medicinal properties. It is said that wearing of this gemstone is helpful in controlling the habit of drugs intake. In simple words it can be said that apart from boosting your looks Amazonite also brings good luck and health to the wearer.

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