Brilliance in the stone!

There is nobody who doesn’t have a flair for gemstones and beads. Whether you are a sixteen year old young girl, a sixty six year old lady, a boy or a gentleman,; you all have a love for gemstones. And… We believe that as far as ladies are concerned, there is nothing that can attract them as much as the colorful gemstones.

Here’s a gemstone that is one of its kind, unique, beautiful and obviously mesmerizing as we’ve already said for all the gemstones. So the real question is that what is in this gemstone that is in no one else and what is it that makes it real special.

It is indeed the beautiful Ruby and this is what makes it unique and one of a kind.

'Ruby the Gemstone' that belongs to the category of the corundum family and it is attractive because of its brilliance. The brilliance factor of the stone depends on the crystal being clear and transparent. It is found in a variety of crimson and scarlet red colors, varying from pink to a deep ruby violet shade. The smooth and the delicate luster appears to be of clarified butter. The finest quality of ruby has a delicate rose color, which is very much similar to the eye of a living cuckoo.                                       

                                                Ruby the Gemstone

Ruby brings out the following qualities and benefits to the wearer:

  • High position in administration
  • Creativity
  • Good Fortune
  • Brilliance
  • Optimism
  • Determination

Furthermore, the gemstone is expected to prevent diseases like typhoid, sun stroke, diseases of the head, cardiac thrombosis etc.

Other than the healing powers of the gemstone, it can be used in jewelry items like necklaces, rings, studs, earrings, bracelets etc; making you look beautiful and stunning.