Cancer Healers: 3 Gemstones that Go Unnoticed

In less than 50 years, cancer has grown to become the largest killer disease. It spares no one. Men, women and even kids are inflicted with cancer. It is actually an uncontrolled growth of a tissue or cell which eats into the immunity of the body leaving it with no option but to perish.
Despite advancement in medicine, surgery, and preventive diagnosis, cancer remains just as dangerous as it was in the 20th century. However, use of gemstones can not only protect people from cancer but also ease the pain that comes with the disease. In some cases, people wearing gemstones have come back to lead a perfectly normal death after staring at obvious death.

This article is about 3 gemstones that have show miraculous healing results against cancer of all types.

1.  Amber:
Amber is a natural gemstone that falls in the category of organic substances with high commercial value. It is basically a fossilized tree sap and has been associated with mysterious vibrations that set in the body when worn. Not all tree saps fossilize to become the amber gemstone. Only Pinus succinifera tree does it, and it takes more than 50 million years. The Golden yellow color of the amber gemstone absorbs the power of the cosmic world to assist the body in forming new cells that can fight carcinogens.

A powerful healer in every sense, wearing amber or placing it under the pillow during sleep rejuvenates the damaged cells, tissues, and organs. It is effective against cancers of the bladder, liver, kidney, mouth cancer, and blood.

2.  Emeralds:

The most enticing stone that contributes immensely in the fight against cancer is the green emerald gemstone. Also called panna, green emerald was once valued 1000 times more than diamond. The astrologers recommended the kings and the high priests to adorn emerald in their crowns and turban to safeguard their immunity and seek protection against cancer, which was more of an off-set disease then.


Emerald shields the body against the malefic agents in the nature that enter the body through food, water, intercourse or by mere thoughts. It is a cleansing gemstone and is rightly called the “Wisdom Stone”.

It is effective against the cancers of the face, throat, lungs and blood. Mothers wearing emerald right through their pregnancy make a formidable barrier for their babies against cancer in the later stages.

3.  Malachite:

Malachite is another powerful anti-cancer gemstone that derives its name from the leaves of the mallow tree. It is basically a copper carbonate compound with tissue-like structure. In ancient astrology, the malachite gemstone was attributed as having the miraculous power to heal injuries and rejuvenate dead tissues.


In fact, the Pharaohs of Egypt wore armor and crown made of malachite to protect their body from cancerous growth. It not only promotes good health among men, the malachite gemstone is also effective against sexually transmitted diseases, brain disorders and age-related diseases.

Other gemstones that have shown obvious healing properties against cancer are Blue Tourmaline, Carnelian, Amethyst and Smoky Quartz gemstone.