Categorizing the Moonstone

Moonstone, the gemstone depicts the very essence of history and has been there for as long as the moon, is one of the most enchanting stones every found. It is widely recognized as the birthstone for the month of June and besides it modern day usage in jewelry, it holds a decadent spiritual and mythological history. Such a history is what adds a nostalgic value to the stone.

The semi-precious stone is incorporated with some modern technology to make a beautiful handmade jewelry. The color of Moonstone varies from shimmering white to a little grey color. The shimmer is common to all the categories of moonstone. 

History states that in the year 1988 the country of Sri Lanka, which was known for its beautiful blue-sheen moonstone, suddenly lost all its major moonstone deposits.  They said that there will never in future be a stone like this. 

After several such discoveries and with the usage of modern day technologies, moonstone was characterized in the following:

1. Coffee Moonstone

2. Grey Moonstone

3. Peach Moonstone

4. Pink Moonstone

5. Rainbow Moonstone

all types of moonstone beads

The marketplace is now occupied with wholesalers of moonstone beads and who have a huge collection of studded jewelry items which include studs, bracelets, earrings, pendants etc.

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