Celebrity Moms and their choice of Gemstone Beads

Being a mother is a big thing and so is staying in the limelight. Hollywood has so many celebrity moms, so while we talk of their fine choice of Gemstone Beads that could melt the winter fashion ice, let’s have a look at these moms, who unlike all the other mothers do not have to drive minivans. These ladies have been on the list of sexy, hot and beautiful lists for years now.

These moms will inspire all other women and try to take motherhood and will tell you that becoming a mother only adds to your glamour and beauty.

The top name in this list is Angelina Jolie, who has six kids to manage but still has a stunning aura. From her appearances on the red carpet to her choice of gemstone beads all keep her in the headlines. Her stackable rings with studded diamond as the gemstone add more to her beauty.

Up next in the list is Beyonce, the most beautiful woman-2012. With her 1 year experience of motherhood, she still looks a beauty. Having given birth to Blue Ivy Carter on Jan 7, 2012 she has still made some appearances on various award functions. Also the way she is constantly indulging in blue sapphires, which seem symbolic of the baby.

The lady who had been in the headlines before having given birth to a child was the sexy Mad Men star January Jones. She believes that in order to stay youthful and vibrant one must possess an emerald ring. She has been witnessed wearing the emerald ring in her finger.

 Last but definitely not the least, Jennifer Lopez is the American Idol judge and she once made the statement that she would love to have more kids though she is very much happy with her twins whom she adorably calls “coconuts”. This star and her love with sparkling colored diamonds have always been inspirational.