Champagne Citrine Gemstone

Citrine crystals comprise of varieties of quartz, and these are very closely related to amethyst. It is quite rare in its natural form, and mainly originates in Brazil, USA and Africa. Since the gemstone is rarely available, it is unique and highly valued. The most common types of the stone available in the market today comprise of heated amethyst or smoky quartz. The name of the stone is derived from the French word ‘citron’ which means lemon. Champagne Citrine Gemstone is used since time immemorial. Even the Greeks used the stone around 300 BC In the ancient times, it used to give protection against evil thoughts and snake’s poison.

A Premier Manifestation Stone:
It is often believed that the process of heating does not damage the stone, yet the heat treated stones have different qualities than the natural stones. It is easy to find citrine stones and beads in the market because it is highly popular and often known as a manifestation stone. Since the quartz has a strong potential for amplification, most people are aware of the energy that the stone emits, as a whole. One of the most important, but less known properties of this stone is its ability to soothe anxiety and fear. It helps the wearer accept the good that is coming its way.

The Properties:
Champagne Citrine has the ability to activate the solar plexus, by means of which you can take crucial decisions in life easily. You might even be surprised to find the range of colors in which these stones are available. The color can vary from pale yellow to a deep honey color and champagne color. The color is based on the place from where it originates and how it has been treated.
The Benefits of Champagne Citrine Gemstone:

  • The stone can shove off negativity from your mind. The inherent spiritual characteristics induces positivity and even reduces depression in the life of the wearer.
  • It helps in bringing psychic growth thereby enhancing the clarity and self-confidence.
  • The gemstone leads to success and prosperity. It is also known as success stone and is a manifestation good luck and wealth.
  • Known as the excellent healing stone, it can cure ailments of the liver, heart, sleep disorders, urinary system, thyroid and kidney. It even detoxifies he body and aids in digestion.
  • Wearing Champagne Citrine Beads can help in promoting happiness in all things and even brings a happy married life. It is even worn by pregnant women for their protection. Sensuality and sexuality can also be heightened with the help of this stone.
  • This gemstone spills magic for professionals working in the field of banks, sports, marketing and fitness. It enlightens the inner thought processes and ignites the creativity.

Thus, this joyful Champagne Citrine stone is associated with bright energy which lights up many aspects of lives. The energies of good luck is experienced by the wearers in different ways. It even brings energies of generosity so that success and prosperity is shared.