Choosing the Shapes of Gemstones is like Designing a Garden

When you’re planning a new garden bed it pays to take a little time to plan the right design before you eventually start digging. There are many different shapes you can choose from to make it look beautiful. What’s in the garden may remain the same but a good shape makes the most difference; each shape has something for everyone and every purpose. Same is with gemstone jewelry!!!

When you visit a jewelry store the most difficult task that you have in hand is to choose the right gemstone and then select a perfect shape; one that adds the necessary beauty to the stone. A gem of whatever color looks even more beautiful when its cut in the right shape and then placed in the appropriate jewelry.  

Shapes we agree are numerous and it’s a difficult thing to choose the best one, but when you sit down to choose the one that’s perfect for you as a woman or if you’re a male person looking for the most appropriate shape of gemstone that you can gift her in the form of a ring or a pendant; then we suggest you should go for the Rose Cut Slice Gemstone shape.

This shape appears like a slice of rose that has been cut allowing you to see through its beauty. This shape is a unique one and needs ultra precautions to be cut because anything less than perfection is not allowed for. If you’re looking for a perfect occasion to gift a gemstone in this shape then we must say that all days of your life will be filled with numerous amounts of love with gemstone shaped like rose cut slice 

Gemstone Beads- Rose Cut Slice Shape

At Ratna Sagar Jewels you’ll find the most amazing and extravagant collection of gemstone beads which have been shaped perfectly; but out of all the gemstones cut in various shapes the ones in the rose cut slice shape seem the most amazing and you’ll definitely want at least one if not many.

The gemstones available in the rose cut slice shape are the following: 

  • Lapis Gemstone Beads
  • Green Onyx Gemstone Beads
  • Smoky Quartz Gemstone Beads
  • Fluorite Gemstone Beads
  • Carnelian Gemstone Beads
  • Tiger Eye gemstone Beads 

If you wish to see what are the other gemstone shapes available at the online store of Ratna Sagar then you can log on to and see which one’s best for you.