Christine Aguilera’s Engagement Ring

Christine Aguilera’s Engagement Ring

Christina Aguilera, who got engaged to her longtime boyfriend on Valentine’s Day 2014, posted a photo of her beautiful engagement ring.

Matt Rutler her fiancé spent over a year to design the enormous, elaborate ring for her. Every Gemstone Bead has been carefully picked up by him and each of these stones represents the different facets of his three-year relationship with Christina.

Every single placement of the gemstone bead has a specific reason and meaning behind it, be it the actual band that weaves and intertwines the diamonds in the ring or the criss-cross which are symbolic of how their paths crossed and one beautiful facet about the engagement ring is how it narrows at the base so as to reflect how their bond continued to grow closer and stronger over these three years.

There are nine multi-color gemstones in the ring that are not seen clearly but definitely their presence depicts that they mean something very meaningful to the couple.

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