Chrysocolla Gemstone

In the United States, Chrysocolla is mined in New Mexico and Arizona, while outside the USA, it is mined in Chile, Australia, China, England, Israel, Greece, Russia and Zaire. Chrysocolla is a fascinating mix of colors. Chrysocolla Gemstone ranges from a blue green shade to turquoise and even Robins egg blue. In most times, it comes mixed with other gemstones making a wonderfully shaded mixture, and hence it is one of the most mind-blowing gems in the market. The stone often comes with spots or bands and this increases the appeal of the stone.

The meaning of Chrysocolla:
This stone can bring a certain level of clarity that can decrease the nervousness. Hence, the wearer of the gemstone remains neutral in heated disputes. Thus, this stone is especially helpful in dealing with troubled relationships. It is often referred to as the stone of peace and calmness. The soothing properties in times of stress help in bringing a gentle release. It draws off all kinds of negative energy, especially during transitional times like breakups or job loss. Going with the same theory, it can even calm down emotions and heighten the level of understanding in a relationship.

Legends And Myths:
The name Chrysocolla comes from Greek words Chrysos. In the ancient times, it was used by smiths while crafting gold jewelry. In ancient Egypt, it was known as a legendary stone. The stone was used by Cleopatra and she always carried peace with her. Hence, the stone is associated with a calming effect that even boosts creativity. Later, the stone was also used by diplomats and rulers in order to come up with powerful solutions during war and helped in maintaining peace.
A Wonderful Support Stone:
The gemstone is a wonderful piece to be used on a regular basis. Hence, it is deemed as a support stone. It aids in facing challenges and can even change with ease. The stone inspires inner balance, creativity and self-awareness of the wearer. It can also be used in the presence of feelings like anger, blame and guilt. It assists in the awareness and understanding of the process, thereby bringing in the energies of forgiveness. Thus, it is undoubtedly a powerful stone that aligns all the chakras with the Divine powers. At home, the stone can be used to guard against obnoxious neighbors and unwanted communications.

Used As A Healing Agent:
The healing powers of Chrysocolla Beadscannot be overlooked at any cost. It is wonderfully used for healing the ailments of heart, back, lungs and stomach. Moreover, it can alleviate rheumatism, painful joints and arthritis. It has the potential to oxidize the blood and improve the lung functioning. People with high blood pressure, thyroid problems and insulin productions can also get astounding benefits from this stone. It is known to calm the body and help in dealing with fevers and infections.
Hence, it is an excellent stone to keep in your office or home or you can wear it to carry it with you all the time.