Citrine Gemstone Beads

Natural citrine is long known as a stone of manifestation, personal will and imagination. It carries the power of the sun, due to which it is warm and comforting; it is even life giving and energizing. The yellow quartz is famous for its positive energy. In fact, there are innumerable properties and healing benefits of this amazing stone, and it can give the wearers astounding advantages. Its name comes from French for lemon. It is abundantly available and is highly attractive lustrous and have excellent clarity.
The Citrine Gemstone draws its color from the traces of iron present in it. Deposits of the natural stone are principally found in Madagascar and Brazil along with the USA, Burma and Namibia.

Remedy Benefits Of The Stone:
The sunny color spreads the belief that it radiates positive energy. Some of the remedies available from Citrine Gemstone include:

  • Dispels anger,
  • Aids in digestion
  • Gives optimism and hope,
  • It does not absorb any negative energy from the surrounding
  • Gives mental clarity
  • Family issues can be resolved
  • It brings happiness and cheer to the wearer
  • It can help overcome emotional trauma and grief
  • Sexuality and sensuality is heightened
  • It guards against evil forces or unfriendly people from an area around you.
  • Also known as, a success stone it can promote success, abundance and prosperity.

The Uses And Purposes:

  • Cash box- Citrine is known to increase in the cashbox, due to which it is often referred to as the merchant’s stone. The sparkling yellow not only helps in acquiring wealth, but also maintaining it. It even encourages generosity and good fortune. The stone is wonderful for fast money ventures, especially in making financial speculation and even for commercial success.
  • Support Stone- It improves interaction for works in sales, casinos, merchant banking, media and sports and fitness. It is also a great crystal for medical personnel and healers. It helps in increasing productivity in work by strengthening the inner light of creativity and imagination. Hence, it is also ideal for artists.
  • Interpersonal relationship- Added to this, it is an excellent stone for interpersonal relationships because it can smooth group problems or family relations. It easily promotes solutions and cohesiveness at various levels.
  • A Great Gift- The stone serves as a great gift to a newborn because it brings intelligence, happiness, health, curiosity, healing wisdom and confidence.

If you carry the stone in the purse, it will attract wealth and stop excessive outflow of cash. Moreover, you can also place the stone at one corner of your home or office or in the cash box. Wearing Citrine Beads is also a great idea, but do not forget that the stone fades in the sunlight. Hence, you should not wear it in an exposed part of your body.
It is time to realize the amazing potential Citrine stone by getting the same for different purposes. You will start experiencing the difference within a short time.