Coffee Moonstone Beads

Moonstones are considered as a natural treasure because of their seductive and sensual aura. The gemstone features a captivating flit of light. This mysteriousness playfulness of light, providing an impression of moonlight that is floating over water, in the stone has helped it to earn the name. The moonstone has adorned the jewelries since times immemorial. Both the Romans as well as the Greeks associated the gemstone with their respective lunar deities. The strange shimmering effect of the moonstone when held against light is known as ‘Adularescence’.  The geological composition of moonstone states that it is essentially formed out of feldspar deposits.


Origin and Varieties:

The earliest mining area of Moonstone was considered as the Mt. Adular, Switzerland. However, currently moonstones are available in various other areas of the world as well like the Australian Alps in Australia, the Lake Sevan region in Armenia, Mexico, Norway, Poland, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and the United States. There are many varieties of moonstone available like Cat’s Eye or Blue, Gray, White, Yellow or Peach, Rainbow and many others. The Coffee Moonstone Gemstone is a rare variety of the moonstone crystal. Moonstones have been known for their healing properties.

The Powers:

The Coffee Moonstone has been always admired for the immense amount of powers that it possesses.  Various legends state that the power of the moonstones reaches maximum limit when its brightness increases as the full moon approaches from the new moon. The primary powers of the stone lie in realization via emotion and intuition coupled with logical reasoning. They are considered as the Birthstones for the ones born in June. Some of the important powers of the gemstone include:

  • Protection against any imminent dangers
  • Talisman for good luck and fortune
  • Assured success in matters of business
  • Induction and promotion of Inspiration
  • Intuition enhancement

Benefits and Healing Energy:

Just like any other gemstone, the primary benefits of this one would be jewelries. The Coffee Moonstone Beads form a part of varieties of jewelries like necklace, bracelets, anklets, etc. However, one can never overlook the astral benefits that this stone bestows upon the wearer. The well-known healing powers and the benefits of the gemstone include:

  • The stone holds some mystic powers in matters of love. Therefore, this is guarantee immense success in their cases as well.
  • It is also used so that the period of childbirth and pregnancy can be easy to bear with.
  • Other feminine conditions like stress related to menstrual cycles have been observed to reduce with the aid of the stones.
  • The stone was effectively used for remedies related to the pineal gland. It brings out the balance in the hormonal system in our bodies.
  • The stone is quite effective in emotional healing and eradicate insomnia.
  • The stone revives the metabolic balance in our bodies by eliminating the toxins and properly assimilating the nutrients.
  • The moonstone has a soothing effective on hyperactive children and helps to ward of any recurring nightmares thereby inducing sound sleep.

The healing powers of the stone are varied. One has to wear it in order to experience it.