Color Change Garnet

There are innumerable beliefs when it comes to the utilities of using garnets for good health. Among the various options available in garnets, the Color Change Garnet is said to be the most powerful of all. In the ancient ages, color certainly played an important role for a particular stone. This is especially applicable for some diseases. For instance, the red stones were considered asgreat remedies and reliefs for blood hemorrhage and a cure for different inflammatory diseases. In fact, garnets were mainly used to enhance endurance, bodily strength and vigor. In fact, the belief and practice still exists today. 

The stone has some of the amazing powers and offers lots of benefits to the wearer.

Obtaining Health Benefits:
As mentioned, the practice of wearing different colored garments is continued even today. It comes with loads of benefits.

  • It can relieve the conditions of the skin and  thereby regulate the flow of blood in the heart
  • It possesses healing powers for men and women. The system of reproduction stays healthy for men, while in the case of women it helpsin balancing the hormones.
  • It can reduce swelling of any kinds
  • It can cure palpitations, blood diseases and lung diseases.
  • A garnet can also tone the spleen and promote overall health by improving the circulation system.
  • It increases metabolic activities and treats cellular and spinal disorders.
  • It purifies the blood, lungs and hearts.
  • It enhances the production of healthy hemoglobin in the body

Promoting Mental Health:
Apart from the above-mentioned physical health benefits, it even promotes mental health.

  • It induces passion, love, friendship, success, fidelity, loyalty, self-esteem and faith
  • The stone sharpens the perception of oneself and of others
  • It warns off the spirits that are evil.The spirits associated with the night are applicable
  • It resists melancholy
  • It can inspire truthfulness and contemplation
  • It aids in business and personal success
  • The wearer of gets the opportunity for protecting their possessions.

In fact, the garnet is one of the most ancient sign of friendship, and they are often exchanged between friends for symbolizing the affection. Some are of the view that the magic of garnet stone cannot be experienced if it is cut down and are polished. It is also the excellent choice among people entering into new ventures. It gives lots of strength to business-oriented person. A crisis can be converted into a challenge with the help of the garnet.   
The Strongest Virtue:
The strongest plus point of Color Change Garnet is its potential to overcome depression. It can easily dissolve ingrained behavioral patterns. It revitalizes balances and purifies energy, thereby bringing serenity. It is also known to remove anger, inhibitions, taboos and discord. The wearer experiences a cooling influence and protection from unwanted energy around. As a whole, the stone is known to keep depression away.
Apart from that, it has the ability to balance love life and sex life. The sensual side is freed and gives rise to love and passion. The stone casts a magical spell and inspires commitment, fidelity and stability in marriage.

Hence, you should wear this beautiful Color Change Garnet Beads and reap the benefits.