Diverse Choice of Gemstones for Men and Women

Men and women usually find nothing in common; while one gender loves to go out and have and enjoy parties with friends the other one like to go out shopping for absolutely no reason at all. The difference in both of these genders has continued for several centuries now; there is difference in their attire, accessories and everything else. The gap never seemed to fill, till there were gemstones that were common to both these genders.

There are a huge number of colored gemstone beads that clearly depict the beauty of nature with their amazing colors and combinations. There are a set of gemstones that are highly appreciated by women and there is another set that may be appreciated by men. The idea of the blog is to present some gemstones that are common to both the genders and the ones that are treasured individually.

Here are the gemstones that are most common for men and women:


·         Diamond

Both of the beautiful gemstones are equally praised by both the genders; while women love would appreciate to wear in whatever jewelry available, men in particular appreciate them in the form of rings or bracelets. Both pearl and diamond have a unique beauty of their own which makes them the gemstones fit for both the genders.

Here are the gemstones that are worn by a particular gender and not usually by the other:

Women’s Choice of Gemstones: Women usually appreciate the bold and bright colors of gemstone beads, beads that are colorful and usually

textured in multiple forms. Their choice is usually a Ruby, Rose Garnet, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Amethyst and mostly the colored ones.

Men’s Choice of Gemstones: Men on the other hand prefer to wear gemstones that are dull in their color and appearance and something that doesn’t shine too brightly. They would usually pick up gemstones like Labradorite, Coffee Moonstone etc.

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