Don’t Just Wear Gemstones, Adopt the Right Way to Wear Them

Having a huge collection of gemstones may be your hobby or maybe you’re just trying to look to fancy wearing them. Whatever be the case with you and your gemstone, it is very important to wear gemstones in the right fashion. By fashion we do not mean the ongoing trend but also the way and the manner in which you wear the gemstone.

A word of caution for all those who are gemstone wearers: Do not just wear the gemstone but also adopt the right way to wear them.

The correct procedure for wearing a jewel is common for all of them. The stone/gem should be put on in a manner such that part of its surface touches the wearer’s skin and the other half remains open to the atmosphere. The jewel for example a gemstone bead studded ring, the lower half of which touches the finger of the wearer and the other half is put free, and it attracts the radiations from the atmosphere.

                                              Don’t Just Wear Gemstones, Adopt the Right Way to Wear Them

There are several ways in which women can put on the jewels. Some of which include: rings, studs, pendants, bracelets etc, but if you’re wearing a pendant make sure that your clothing doesn’t cover the pendant because a part of clothing covering the pendant doesn’t mitigate the good effect that the gem is expected to give.

Another most important thing that one should keep in mind is that a gem should be initially put into a three day test and only if it turns out to be positive, can you make the final decision to keep it. The fact is that the beneficial effect of the gemstone is seen within these three days.

Unfortunately, if the jewel shows adverse effects during the trial period, it should be discarded at once. This however does not mean that if the tested gemstone doesn’t suite you, non other will; it is just that, that particular piece of gemstone doesn’t suite you and therefore you can try some other piece.

Nobody wants to be accompanied by bad luck, and in order to bestow a totally good effect, you must choose a gemstone that is spotless, doesn’t have a crack or any other blemish. It should be real and natural and not cultured and artificial.