Duchess of Dazzle has an enviable Collection of Jewels

People’s love for gemstones has grown several folds and with a huge variety of gemstones that people get to make a choice of the best gemstones. However what we are seeing is that there are people of the royal family who make us feel envious with their collection of gemstone beads.

Such is the case with Duchess of Cornwall- Camilla who is always dressed with the best jewels and they add wonders to her beauty. Camilla has a flair for precious gemstone beads and her love for them was spotted when the lady wore a beautiful necklace all studded with the world best rubies.

While we do not say that this is the only gemstone that she has in her jewelry wardrobe, but what we’re saying is that her love for Ruby Gemstone Beads is unconditional and timeless. Even after several years we see the duchess dazzling in the best collection of jewels, making us feel envious every moment.

Ruby, the stone that belongs to the category of the corundum family and it is attractive because of its brilliance. The brilliance factor of the stone depends on the crystal being clear and transparent. It is found in a variety of crimson and scarlet red colors, varying from pink to a deep ruby violet shade. The smooth and the delicate luster appear to be of clarified butter. The finest quality of ruby has a delicate rose color, which is very much similar to the eye of a living cuckoo.

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