Enigmatic Birth Gemstones for the Month of June: Radiating Growth, Energy & Sparkling your Luck!

June Gemstones: Symbol of Luck & Love

Each calendar month in a year has a unique flavor and feeling, June is no different. June is a radiant and bright month, which is ubiquitously recognized as the month for nuptials and weddings. Besides, the month features major affiliations with the planet Sun (the ultimate source of energy). June birthday people can find a beautiful range of rare, valuable gemstones radiating a spectrum of energy to fit their budget or mood!

Featured Gemstone for June:

Listed below are some of the valuable, semi-precious gemstones associated with the month of June:

Pearl: Discovered in the ocean beads, this iconic gemstone represents purity and has won the heart of people across the world. From celebrities to commoners –Pearls are adored for its purity and marvel. In the 13th century, Pearl was highly regarded for its medical properties, in terms of restoring strength, curing melancholy, and inducing heart palpitation. Besides, astrologers believe that Pearl can bring good -luck, oozes energy that gears protection, attracts love, and aids monetary gain. This beautiful and glamorous gemstone is mainly found in countries like Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, and Thailand. They are used in crafting wedding jewelry like rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings –indeed exhibiting the best expression for flaunting commitment and love towards your partner! Pearls are available in a range of colors – white, cream-yellow, pink, and silver. Gift this precious stone to babies born under the Cancer and Gemini zodiac signs. Buy AAA rated natural pearls only from the distinguished gem experts to get an original (not an imitation) collection of shell pearls.

AAA Natural Pearls

Alexandrite: Counted amongst the most valued semi-precious gemstones, Alexandrite is known for bringing good luck and fortune to the wearers. The gemstone is available in a range of colors, including striking red to yellow, green and purple hues. Alexandrite is composed of a rare mineral - chrysoberyl. It is symbolic of growth, positive energy, and vitality. It is also considered great for attracting love in your life. Found mostly in the mines of Russia, this unique gemstone is popular for changing color, i.e., from green color to red. For this reason, Russians have pegged Alexandrite as their national gemstone. You can also find this gemstone in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Madagascar, Brazil, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. Buy and gift natural Alexandrite gemstones to tap on the maximum benefits of this rare gemstone.

Moonstone: The third gemstone popular among the people born in the month of June is Moonstone. As inferred by the name itself, moonstone is opalescent in color and imbibes strong energy of the Moon planet. The stone, belonging to the Feldspar family, is linked to fulfil dreams, support emotions, and aids relief from depression. It is also primed to attract energy for love and protection from evil forces. The gemstone has a milky glow (alike the Moon planet) and comes in beautiful colors like yellow, blue, green, peach, pink, and grey. The finest classical moonstones collection usually comes from the land of Sri Lanka.

Semi-Precious Gemstones

Agate: It is a mystical gemstone for people born in Gemini zodiac sign. This natal stone was originally discovered in Achates River in 3000 B.C. and was profoundly used as eye beads to safeguard against evil along with bringing good luck. Agate is available in vivid colors like black, brown, grey, greenish red, pink, yellow, and blue. While this stone is found around the world, the exceptional Agates are usually found in Northern Uruguay and Southern Brazil. Gift this beautiful crystal to your loved ones and wash away their fear and sins!

Emerald: This is traditionally the Talismanic gemstone for Gemini and Cancer zodiac signs. Derived from the famous Greek word, Smaragdos meaning green stone, high quality emeralds ate often deep green in color with a tint of a bluish cast. Famously found in the mines of Brazil and Columbia, you may also get.

Emeralds in India, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, Norway, Australia, and United States. Emerald gemstones are often recommended for warding off epilepsy in the children and curing eye diseases. It is also associated with improving memory and strengthening love in marital life.

Chrysoprase Gemstones

Chrysoprase: Considered as a star gemstone for June born people, this Ancient Russian gemstone is commonly found in the mines of Brazil, United States, Australia, and the Ural Mountains. It is composed of Nickel, bequeathing green color to the mineral and has great healing properties. Chrysoprase is often recommended to increase fertility, soothe loneliness, improving inner peace, and promoting emotional balance.

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