Essential Tools for Making Gemstone Jewelry

If you have fallen in love with gemstones and can’t wait any longer to bring them to life in your own jewelry designs, congratulations! You have chosen a craft that can not only be a form of expressing your creativity, it can also bloom into a business and make your passion earn for you.

Since the right tools are essential for embarking on any craft, we here bring you some information on the basic tools you will be needing. Take a look.

  1. Flush Cutter: Wire cutters used in jewelry making are called flush cutters. They have two sides – flat and beveled. The flat side gives the finish and the beveled side cuts the wire in a pointed V shape. The aim of the cutter is to give a sharp, nice, and smooth cut to the wire. To make the cut, hold the wire perpendicular to the cutter. The flat side should be towards the part you want to keep. If the part to be cut off is tiny, put the tip of your forefinger against it on the beveled side so that it does not fly off and end up hurting someone.


  1. Chain Nose Pliers: Also called flat nose pliers sometimes, this pair of pliers is a versatile tool for the jewelry designer and can be used for acting like another hand to hold a piece of wire to bending metal or wire. They are slightly curved on the on the outside and flat on the side of the nose. While purchasing them, see that the flat area inside the nose is plain, not textured, otherwise you may get marks on the wire while using it. Try to find one with a spring handle as it will reduce the burden on your hands.
  1. Round Nose Pliers: These pliers come with a round and tapered nose, which can be also likened to a cone-shape. They are primarily used to form and fabricate metal wire – to curl, coil, make loops and circles. Narrow loops are formed with the narrower part of the nose and you can gradually move towards the nose for bigger loops. While purchasing a pair, choose one with narrow tapered nose; wide tapers are difficult to work with and don’t give as fine results as the former. As with chain nose pliers, look for ones with spring handles. Make sure that the handles fit well within your palms.


  1. Nylon Jawed Pliers: They are used to shape and sculpt wires. The nylon jaws are used to protect the outer surface of the wire or other materials like beads while making the jewelry. It allows you to straighten wire and reuse, which means you are not wasting a lot of wire that would otherwise be sacrificed for practicing. Additionally, it saves you the extra work of rebuffing or refinishing surfaces. Though these pliers are not one hundred percent essential, if you are more into wire bending and things like that, you will find a pair of these indispensable.
  1. Split Ring Pliers: Split rings are an essential part of jewelry. They are used to attach a pendant or charm to a piece of wire. They are shaped like a spring and are coiled around really close. To make the attachment between two pieces of jewelry, you have to pry open the split ring, insert each end in loops of either part, and then close. Since split rings are quite tiny and strong, split ring pliers are used to open them easily and then press them close again. These pliers save you from injuring your fingers while you struggle to open them with perhaps, chain nose pliers.
  2. Crimping Pliers: These pliers come with grooves inside the nose of the pliers which makes it easy to secure crimp beads without breaking or tampering them. Crimp beads are used to secure a clasp or any end piece for the design.


So, these were some of the essential tools required to start your journey with jewelry making. There are a lot of YouTube videos where you can see how exactly they are used and then you can start making your own!

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