What makes Ethiopian Welo Opal a wonder Gemstone?

Opals are commonly described as Mineraloids, since they have an amorphous form that is usually hydrated. The water content in opal ranges from 3% to 21% by weight. However, by composition it is usually in between 6% to 10%.  The temperature at which opals are generally deposited is relatively lower. They can be found in fissure of most common rocks like sandstone, marl, basalt, limonite, rhyolite and many others. Opal is known for its variety of colors because of the conditions of their formation. The optical density of these stones comes in the range of opaque to translucent. The diffraction of light has been noted as a property of the precious opals because of their internal structures.

Ethiopian Opals
The discovery of Ethiopian Welo Opal gemstones in 2008 in the Welo region of Ethiopia has taken the opal world by storm. Before, the discovery of the Ethiopian Welo Opal, the Australian Opal had been known as the best in the world. However, post the discovery these opals have taken precedence to the others. These opals have been specially noted for their extreme stability despite their porous nature. They have a miraculous ability to absorb water when dipped in it and change its transparency or rather the degree of opacity. The miracle lies in the fact that they are able to revert towards their former state without any cracking or adverse reaction. This nature of opal is generally not observed in the other varieties.

The Ethiopian Welo Opal beads are well revered for their powers. The Ethiopian Welo Opal beads form an important part of the various kinds of jewelries as well.  Since the medieval ages, they were considered as a talisman of good luck. Nevertheless, when used with noble intentions these stones can manifest equally good powers as well, like:

  • Opals are stones of protection. They protect from the various psychological effects of negative thinking and the emanating negative energies.
  • They provide good antidotes to racing thoughts and restless minds thereby soothing one of recurring nightmares.
  • It helps to direct the thoughts and various psychological energies towards a positive directly thereby ensuring harmony and balance.
  • Opal can help people to be invisible and blend in without much of friction. The benefits lie when one ventures to dangerous adventures where stealth must be required.
  • Opal intensifies passionate feelings by releasing inhibitions thereby ensuring more intimacy.

Healing Benefits

  • Opals are very effective in treating problems related with eyes and eyesight.
  • They are beneficial to the health of skin, hair and nails as well.
  • Opals are very useful in maintaining the water balance of the body by aiding to overcome dehydration by alleviating the water retention capabilities of the body.
  • It is also known to purify blood and keep the kidneys healthy along with regulating the production of insulin as well.

The powers and healing properties of the stone are varied. One has to be careful in using them for the right purposes.