Ethiopian Welo Opal and The Questions Generally Associated with It

Opal generally is a hydrated amorphous form of silica; the water content of the stone ranges from 3 to 21% by weight, but usually calculated between 6 and 10%. Opal is classed as a mineraloid because of its amorphous character, which is unlike all the other forms of silica, which are all classed as minerals.

This blog has the much needed information about the most beautiful form of opal, called the ‘Ethiopian Welo Opal’. In the year 2008, a new opal deposit was found and this one was more closely resembled to the sedimentary opals of Brazil and Australia. This one had a slightly light background and vivid lay of color. Since it was found in the Wollo Province, it was commonly referred to as the Welo Opal and has since then become a dominant opal in gem trade.

ethiopian welo opal beads

Here are the reasons why you should buy the Ethiopian Welo Opal:

• Available in vivid colors, ones that outshine the Australian Opal and other opal sources.

• Found in huge sizes. The Ethiopian Welo Opal is found in over 10 carats and can go up to 300 carats and above.

• The Ethiopian Welo Opal is the toughest opal available till date. When thrown from 1.5 meters and almost 5 feet, the only opal that survived without any cracks is this opal.

• Only this opal is resistant to the problem of crazing. Crazing is the cracks that form on the opal when it loses its water content. This is much like what happens to clay soils when dried in the summer sun.

• The color of the gemstone is remarkable. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green. Blue, Indigo and Violet, which are the colors of a rainbow are found in the Ethiopian Welo Opal. The uncommon thing is to find all the colors in one gemstone.

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