Fashion Jewelry for Women of all Ages ~ Amazonite Gemstones

Almost every woman has a penchant for gemstone beads, no matter how simple the ornament maybe. Her jewelry box will definitely contain a few broken chains and Loose Gemstone Beads in it. This is a common story among ladies no matter what age group they fall into.

In the absence of wearing a particular gem as a fashion accessory she has all the valid reasons to feel incomplete. On the other hand all the gemstones have their own structure and peculiarity. The choice of the shape and color vary among people; it solely depends on the eye of the beholder to search for the beauty in it.

Considering the case of Amazonite Gemstone Beads which has a somewhat crystalline structure and which is a perfect amalgamation of Potassium and Aluminum. The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about amazonite is “Amazon”. This is not to be considered a mere coincidence because amazonite in real has earned its name from the Amazon River. The stone was named after this extensive river system in Brazil, although no major deposits of the microline feldspar have been found along it.

Until recently it was surmised that the green coloration in the amazonite gemstone happened because it contained some traces of copper compounds it. This is because it is seen that copper usually turns a greenish hue as it ages and the many things that contain copper are green in color. But, recently it has been discovered that copper is not to be blamed for the green color that the gem holds. The actual culprit that brings forth the green color in amazonite is the presence of lead in the stone.

The amazonite doesn’t come across easily. At some point of time the only place to extract this stone was in the Lumen Mountains which are located 50 miles southwest of Chelyabinsk, Russia. In this peculiar location amazonite occurs in the granite rocks of the mountains.

The very fact that amazonite is not easily found increases the value of the jewelry items that contain it. The higher the value is on the materials that create the beads, then the higher the price of the actual beads will be.

The gem has been worn by ladies since ages and they considered it sacred, and many amazonite amulets have been excavated by archeologists from Scythian burial sites that existed long ago. Some of the old cultures, including that of the Greeks, believed that Amazonite has some of the fine properties that would be passed on to the wearer.

Properly cut and beautifully polished wholesale Amazonite gemstone beads are readily available for purchase and their blue-green color goes splendidly with the sterling silver beads. When mixed with silver, black and pearlescent tones, natural amazonite beads become stylish in necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Additionally the color of the gemstone may range from pale blue to a middle green shade that has an appealing texture.

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Amazonite Gemstones