Father’s Day Special!

We’re always too busy complementing our moms for the hard work that they put in for our lunch, dinner and dresses that we usually forget to thank the man who has worked had just like mom; this man is Dad!

This Father’s Day just take the time out to thank your dad for a dream that he’s lived, for what he has given you and for all the gifts and love that he has showered on you for all these years. 21st June, 2015 is being celebrated as Father’s Day and you have the opportunity to thank you father by showering him with love, respect and gifts (if you find one that he would love).

Your life isn’t just about your mother, for your father has lived a dream equal to your moms; he has worked hard to get you your favorite toy and he has stayed late at night with your mother when you were sick; he has tied your shoe lace like you will always be a child but he has also reminded you that you’re growing big for your shoes and that you should learn to see life from his eyes. He has been you r love and he has also been your superhero.



This Father’s Day buy him his favorite gemstone bracelet and see him smile with pride and love for you. And even if can’t afford one bracelet, show him that you love him buy spending a day with him; take him to his favorite restaurant, order his favorite food and don’t let him pay for that- rather you should make the payment. There’s nothing better than making your dad happy by little efforts that you put in for him.

Begin all preparations because 21st June is far away in the calendar!!!

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