Gems that You’ll Love

Let’s just take some time out and talk about the gemstones that make you fall in love with the many number you see them. Come let’s examine together some gemstones through Cupid’s rose colored glasses. Many gemstones hold a rich history of meaning and symbolism, and some precious stones have strong associations with love and relationship. So in honor of this season of love we will pay homage to the gemstones of love.


Emerald gemstones have a fascinating history and lore.  It has been used historically to sooth the eyes and comfort the wearer. It has also been though to hold powers to cure diseases and ward off evil spells. But, as it applies to love and relationships, wearing an Emerald was considered to be a mystical way of revealing the truth or falseness of a lover’s oath.  Are you questioning your partner’s commitment to you? Try wearing some Emerald jewelry to expose the truth!

Rose Quartz

With its soft pink romantic color, Rose Quartz obviously has some connection with love. In the ancient world, Rose Quartz was widely used in magic and healing, but most notably, it was known as the “love stone” as it was believed to help balance emotions and heal disappointments and anger. If you are in a lover’s tiff, a Rose Quartz jewelry gift may be just the Band-Aid you need!


The Ancient Greeks thought diamonds to be tears of the gods, while the Romans believed them to be splinters of star dust. Yet with all of their supposed heavenly origins, Diamonds have been associated with human love and commitment for centuries. In fact, the first recorded diamond engagement ring was given to Mary of Burgundy from the Archduke Maximillian of Austria in 1477. In modern times, the diamond symbolizes eternal love and everlasting commitment. The strength of the diamond, the hardest of all stones, represents the power and resilience of true love. And the sparkling brilliance of diamonds reflects the fiery passions and dizzying effects of love’s spell.

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