Gemstone Buying Guide – How to Buy Best Gemstone?

Many people believe in wearing gemstones because they are said to possess some extraordinary powers to bring good luck and fortune. However, only nine gemstones are said to be precious because there are nine planets in the universe. Each gemstone is associated with a planet, and it is said that they have the potential to receive the radiations emitted by these planets. Accordingly, they can bring significant effects in different ways when used. Since the ancient times, the power of astrology has been recognized. According to the astrological studies, the impact of different planets can create beneficial and harmful vibes at different times. When the right stones are used, they are said to heal the negative vibes and influence the flow of positive vibes in human beings. Consequently, they are much better than herbs or any other natural item. 

Wearing Authentic Gemstones:

Regardless the nature of the gemstone you wear, as per the position of your horoscopic stars and birth planet, it is crucial to wear the most authentic ones. Only then, you can experience the amazing impacts of those stones. Each gemstone passes through strict quality controls. It is important to note that extra care should be done from physical analysis to financial packing. Every gem comes with a unique number of identification to give an idea of the originality and authenticity of the stone. 

Following The Necessary Procedure:

If you are wearing any gemstone for some astrological purpose, it is important to make sure that you follow the necessary recommendations and instructions. Regardless the high quality of the gem you wear, you will not get the desired outcome, if you fail to wear it in the right procedure. In addition to that, it is also crucial to note that the procedure of wearing gemstones varies from one to another. 

Always buy the gemstone from the most reliable place.

Make sure that it is studded in the right metal

You should wear the stone in the correct finger because each finger represents a planet.

A purifying procedure should be adopted to purify the stone. This in turn will remove the negative energy, and the gem will be charged with complete positive energy. 

The mantra associated with the planet should be recited 108 times.

Do not forget that the only way to give power to your planet is by wearing gemstones. This in turn can play a great role in minimizing the negative vibes, and bring a great ray of hope in life of different individuals. 

Some Of The Precious Gemstones:

Yellow sapphire is said to be one of the precious gemstones and it can help in achieving better financial status. Along with wealth, it might even bring good health, name, fame and honor.

Blue sapphire can remove the evil effects of Saturn and it can alleviate long term misfortune.

Emerald can improve the aspects of brain like memory, intuition, communication and ability to learn.

Ruby can bring fame, vigor, fortune and warmth.

Red coral can instill courage among its wearer.