Gemstone Kingdom - Pearl the Queen and Ruby the King

Gemstones enjoy a special allure and historical significance. They were used in great style to decorate crowns, thrones, swords, ornaments and weapons of ancient kings as an epitome of their richness and fortunes. Thanks to their majesty, they were also presented as gifts and awards to the royal guests, scholars and warriors. While the Kings loved to showcase ruby, a red colored gemstone, in their throne, crown and swords; queens preferred pearls in their necklaces and earrings.

Pearl the Queen

In the present day, those who have a ruby in their possession are considered lucky in love matters while the pearl still enjoy the same significance in the women jewellery. As both gemstones used to belong to the kings and queens, they enjoy high price and appeal in the modern gemstone market.

As you need a bountiful of money to buy a ruby or pearl, make sure you buy them carefully while considering important things related to their quality. When you buy a pearl, make sure it is flawless white and round. However, while buying a ruby, check twice its colour saturations because it is the biggest determinant of its cost.   

In the elite society, pearl and ruby gemstone beads are often presented to couples on the silver and golden jubilee of their wedding and birthday. If you haven’t purchased one for your beloved, buy it now from Ratna Sagar Jewels! 

 Ruby the King