Gemstones and their Healing Properties

Various ancient and traditional healers would attest to the view that crystals, precious and semi-precious stones have an intrinsic capacity to influence the physical, emotional and spiritual state of a human being. This view holds that certain properties of these gemstones can be made use of to provide a healing effect on the patients in distress.
Many classifications have been found in this regard, with birthstones being one of the most popular. In this characterization one particular stone is seen to influence individuals born in that particular month as shown in the table below.






Deep Red






Pale Blue















Pale Green



Deep Blue



Predominantly White







Now, let’s take a look at the properties of these stones.

GARNET: This gemstone is also known as ‘stone of passion’. It enhances and promotes passionate love, sensuality and intimacy. The red colour of the gemstone inspires love and devotion. It is thus considered to be an ideal gift for a romantic liaison. It also helps in soothing emotions and bringing about a balanced emotional state. It has the capacity to soothe emotional stress especially the emotion of anger. It soothes away the anger to bring about peace of mind. It is also a great influential power for people undergoing depression as it encourages the feeling of joy, peace and happiness.  

AMETHYST: The Amethyst gemstone beads are considered to be the stone of meditation. Its purple colour enhances peace, balance and composure of the person who comes in contact with the stone. Amethyst is directly linked to the mind of a person and hence is capable of providing relief from stress and depression. It helps to deal with addiction, anger and grief. Amethyst is for these reasons often called the Master Healing Gemstone. 

AQUAMARINE: The aquamarine gemstone helps release fear, and restlessness to produce clarity within the human mind. It also provides courage and increases the creativity in the wearer of the stone. This gemstone bead also strengthens the immune system and sharpens the intuition of humans. 

DIAMOND: Diamond is a precious stone which attracts abundance and wealth. It also cleanses away impurity and purifies the wearer of the stone. It also has the ability to amplify and intensify the emotions within the soul of the wearer. It means that both the positive as well as the negative emotions will be intensified. Thus care must be taken whenever wearing a diamond.

EMERALD: Emeralds are said to give relief from stress, provide better memory and help achieve a greater clarity and understanding. It helps in creating within ourselves attributes of peace and good health. Emerald can have the direct influence of in the increase of the prosperity in life.

PEARL: The healing property of a pearl is known to be the calming effect it gives to a wearer. It helps achieve the pure emotional state such as that of charity, truth, loyalty etc. It fills the wearer with confidence and imbues a sense of integrity in the wearer.

RUBY: Ruby is the stone that intensifies all emotions. Be it positive emotions of love, joy, courage, confidence or the negative emotions of anger, jealousy, sadness etc. Thus, it can bring these emotions on surface and amplify any energy felt from these emotions. It should only be used with clear idea of how to utilize the intense energy provided by this stone.

PERIDOT: Peridot is a gemstone that helps to understand and heal damaged relationships especially caused due to jealousy. It is also used to alleviate negativity as well as nightmares. The negative emotions of anger, fear, jealousy and depression are often healed through the influence of peridot.

SAPPHIRE: Sapphires are beautiful gems that give tremendous will power and strength to the wearer. It is a stone that helps alleviate confusion and depression. It also helps those who have a problem of concentration as well as those in situations beyond their ability to control.

OPAL: Opals are stones that need to be worn with great caution due to their ability to cause fickleness in an individual. Opals are able to represent and magnify the emotions and feelings within the wearer. This leads to lessening of inhibitions and greater spontaneity in a person. It also helps enhance imagination and creativity in an individual. But these reduced inhibitions may often lead to increasing fickleness and hence must be removed if it is seen as harmful.

CITRINE: Citrine enhances the will, strength, optimism and confidence of the wearer. It also provides clarity and creativity, all the while enabling the wearer to see paths to better utilize these positive energies. This gemstone bead is also considered to be the Merchant’s Stone with its unique ability to assist in matters of financial importance.

TURQUOISE: This gemstone is considered to be a healing stone for the all round health of a person. It enhances the physical as well as emotional health and well being of the wearer. It is also said to dispel anxiety and depression. It has the ability to absorb negativity and therefore also provides protection. Turquoise impacts the immune system and helps protect human body from physical harm.
The gemstones mentioned here are either beaded in the form of a necklace or encrusted in a ring. Whatever be the case, many people are known to have gained significant benefits from wearing their birthstone. Are you one of those people? Why not share your experience through the comments section.