Gemstones For Married Women: The Top 5 Picks for Every Season

Since time immemorial, gemstones have been used as a curing and healing entity. There are many gemstones that are worn to drive energy and heal gaps in the personality. Like in most cultures, the balance in life is attributed to the balancing forces—the male and the female, the Alpha and the Omega, or the Ying and Yang.

Here are 5 gemstones for married women.

Yellow Sapphire:

Also called Pukhraj, yellow sapphire is a befitting gemstone for married women who have husbands engaged in the risky occupation. Risky operations like firefighting, policing, mining, sailing, and motorsports can be very dangerous to life and mental health. Women wear yellow sapphire beads to protect their husbands from danger. Moreover, yellow sapphire also improves marital relationship. It guarantees peace, harmony, and bliss till eternity.
Choicest alternatives to yellow sapphire are citrine and yellow topaz.



White, pink and blue pearls are all recommended for married women. In fact, pearls symbolize the chastity of a woman. Pearl is especially beneficial in improving blood circulation and nervous coordination. With a pearl on the forefinger, women seldom go berserk with their rage and aggression. For anger management, women should wear a pearl on the silver brace.

Spiritually, pearl neutralizes the influence of light on the personality. Owing to its connection with Water and Moon, wearing a pearl facilitates the maturity of sensuousness and inner consciousness.

Rainbow moonstone:

Moonstone Beads have always been a mystery stone for most individuals. Like women, it has a vibrant character and it changes with the perspective you look at it. Moonstone has a tangible association with Moon. Blue moonstone is of special mention in a woman’s collection of the gemstone. Also referred to as the Cat’s Eye, Blue Moonstone governs the sense of deep thought and consciousness. It calms the mind and controls the fickle nature that most women complain about.

Rainbow moonstone is the birthstone for June and July. For those facing turbulences in life arising out of relationship or finances, wearing a rainbow moonstone can diffuse all the negative energies.


Red Coral:

Also called moonga, red coral is known to empower the planet Mars. It is of special importance for the married women who have a history of miscarriages, stillbirths and congenital diseases in their family. At the time of the wedding, the bride is made to wear bangles and rings studded with natural red coral. Its association with blood and genital area makes it a wonderful gemstone to overcome menstrual issues like painful periods or irregular events.

Red coral should not be worn with yellow sapphire and emeralds.


Emeralds for men and peridot for women; that’s how it goes for married couples. The age long secret of a happy marriage is wearing peridot with blue topaz. Peridot gives protective powers to fight against the evil forces, especially during pregnancy and post-partum. It regulates the life cycle, as well as alleviates fear and pain.

Sacred texts on gemstones reveal how gemstones can influence the feminine energy chakras. That explains why astrologers recommend exclusive gemstones women who are facing some issues in life that no medicine can treat or alleviate.