Guess Who Just Got Married- Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed

Several hearts got shattered by the news of Ian Somerhalder’s wedding; after all he was the heartthrob of all women every inch of hiss look carried them away, more than the last time. This however was just not shattering for women but also for all those men who admired Nikki Reed- the Twilight Star; Ian and Nikki are now married and have become the most envious couple of the year!!!

We’re however pleased to see them together for life, because we love them both for their looks, for the work they do but most of all we love them for the amazing couple they’ve become. We cannot also miss to say that we are envious of both of them as a couple, because somewhere secretly we loved them as individuals and admired every move they made.

Now what’s done is done! We cannot anything but to accept them as the Newly Wedded Couple!!!

Their wedding was  not the a jewelry affair though and Nikki wore minimal jewelry, but the thing that is worth mentioning is Nikki’s Diamond Ring- which is just not any diamond ring but really beautiful flower shaped ring that has a huge round diamond  surrounded by ten smaller ones. This ring looked flawless on Nikki’s finger and it gave people all the more envious reasons.



While Nikki Reed flaunted her diamond engagement ring, she was spotted buying a Watermelon Tourmaline Gemstone Necklace for Ian- looks like the couple is too much in love. Their love for valuable gemstones is as much as their love for each other. We just hope it keeps growing over the years and that they continue expressing it with flawless gemstones for a lifelong.

And Yes- Women still will be envious of Nikki Reed!!!