Healing Properties Associated with Various Gemstones

All gemstone have found their existence centuries back and for all these years there have been several legends associated with each of them. The legends that are associated with each gemstone state very clearly that 'there are some mystical and healing properties of each gemstone'.

       The medicinal properties of gemstones are well beside their divine virtues. Treatment of any disease with the help of gemstones is known as ‘Gemopathy’, and it is a very wide subject for those who would love to pursue it.

                                                                               Healing Properties Associated with Various Gemstones

       Further is the description of the medicinal values of some frequently worn jewels: 

         1.Ruby: Controls heart disorders, hallucinations, prevents any kind of fear, confusion, eye disorders etc.

         2.Emerald: Cures the loss of voice, insomnia, reduces the effect of poison and skin diseases.

         3.Pearl: Prevents blood disorders, semetic disorders, stabilizes the wearer mentally and prevents all kind of abdominal diseases.

         4.Coral: It prevents insanity, epilepsy, coma, hallucinations and the disorders of brain.

         5.Diamond: Diamond, which is the hardest stone on the earth, prevents mouth diseases, impotency and loss of voice.

         6.Blue Sapphire: Prevents abdominal diseases, infertility, wind diseases etc.

         7.Yellow Sapphire: Prevents liver disorders, lethargy, heaviness and all breast related diseases.

For several years these gemstone have been associated with some divine force and this force is responsible for the medicinal property of these gemstones.