Honey Topaz: Connecting with the Spirit of Integrity and Joy

Honey Topaz gemstone is a very popular chatoyant rock exuding a silky lustre. It is mined from metamorphic rock quarries found nestled amidst marble and quartz stones. This golden coloured dark stone can be artificially lightened using acids like nitric acid. Most traders sell the Honey Topaz gemstone under the name of Tiger’s Eye and Hawk’s Eye. Though there are many cheap versions, the Honey topaz beads and gems remain one of the most imitable stones in the gemstone market.

 Honey Topaz: The appearance
The honey topaz gemstone is a brilliant red stone that resembles the look of red jasper and black haematite. The bands run parallel to the plane. The gemstone is cut to resemble an attractive motif and hence used largely as a jewellery and luxury accessory in fabrics. In popular war culture, the Honey topaz beads were used to decorate the hilts of the swords and knives. They were used on thrones and over crowns.
The hardness of the Honey Topaz is 7 on Mohs scale. It is a very good gemstone for daily use.

Healing Properties of Honey Topaz
Honey topaz beads are recommended to individuals who have issues related to;

  • Communication
  • Love
  • Wealth
  • Skin Health
  • Hormonal disorders

The honey topaz gemstone and beads are used in the necklaces to heal, stimulate and re-energize the willpower. It brings in joy, prosperity and happiness in life. Known to stabilise emotions and marital issues, the topaz is a popular accessory gifted to newly married couples.
Topaz of Honey shade heals:

  • Surgical wounds
  • Food disorders like anorexia and bulimia
  • Nervous disorders

Astrological Significance
Golden Honey Topaz gemstone rules the chakras of Third Eye and the Solar Plexus. It is the birthstone of November and recommended to those ruled by the planet Jupiter. If you are looking for optimism and zeal in life, wear the honey topaz on a Thursday.
The honey topaz beads are used during chanting and meditation. It is also used to propagate the spirit of integrity, selflessness and joy. The stone also plays a significant role in inviting spirits and in understanding ghost tautology.
The stone is not recommended for kids below the age of 8 years. It is also not advised to girls who have not attained puberty. The stone should not be worn if you are a widow or have recently undergone labour.
Sources of Honey Topaz
India, South Africa, USA, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Brazil remain the top producers of the gemstone variety. Rich resource beds have also been located in Australia, Canada, Namibia, Spain and Korea. Indian sub-continent remains the largest consumer of the Honey Topaz gemstone.
Artificial Stones
It is very hard to tell the difference between an original Honey Topaz and an artificial one. The stones are checked under UV radiations and tested with Ultra-sonic vibrations to see if the planes distort. If it is real, the irradiation of the clear topaz stone will change colour from dark honey to light yellow. Synthetic stones remain unchanged.