How Important is Wearing Gemstones According to Their Numbers?

Considering that each one of you has an affinity towards colored gemstone beads, we’ll now carry on the discussion on a serious note and the reason for this is that each stone in itself is a unique one and needs special attention from you.  This therefore means that the wearer must follow the right procedure to wear a jewel and this is what is explained here.

The stone or the gem should be worn in a way that part of its surface touches the skin and the other part remains exposed to the sun. The jewel may be studded in a ring, pendant, and bracelet making sure that the lower part of the stone touches the skin. Any part of the clothing that covers the jewel doesn’t mitigate the expected good effect.

Now here’s a word of caution for all: any gem or precious gemstone should initially be worn for a three day period. If it assets positive effects in the three day period, it may be then worn permanently. But, if during the three day trial period the jewel shows some negative effects, it should be discarded and once. But at the same time you should know that it is that particular gem that doesn’t suite you and you can wear a different stone which might suite you.


Wearing Gemstones According to Their Numbers


The question that might now strike your mind is “How important is it to wear gemstones according to their numbers?” And here we are answering this for you.

It is very important to wear gemstones according to their numbers because they have negative effects if they do not suit you. Blue Sapphire for example is one such stone that is said to be very powerful by the astrologers and the wearers of the gemstone are very few in number. This is because the gemstone may exert some extremely negative energy if not worn according to the right numbers.

It is therefore very important to wear gemstone s according to the right numbers because gemstones not only affect the wearer’s health and fitness but also finance and wellness.