How People Born In The Month Of October Can Empower Their Life Chakras With Right Birthstone?

The month of October has finally arrived. Happy Birthday to all who are born in this month! People who are born in this month are very special and do possess a different set of traits compared to other zodiac signs. They are always ready for any type of situation that comes in their way and is known to embrace everything bravely. If you have known them closely then you would realise that they are really different as they have strong traits.

For individuals with strong traits, the best way to direct their energy source in the right direction is by wearing the right type of birthstone. People who are born in the month of October can wear two precious stones- tourmaline and opal. Both these birthstones divulge almost boundless likelihoods, as each one of them can be found in kaleidoscopic of shades and color blends. In actual fact, these October’s birthstones have originated through a voyage encompassing rainbows, as per the folklore.

Through this article, we shall be discussing in detail about these birthstones that individuals born in the month of October can wear to empower their life chakra and bring in good fortune in their life.


The opal gemstone derived its unique name from the Greek term ‘Opallios’ which means to see a transition in the color. Late in the 1960s, the scientists learned during their research that this precious stone is basically made of infinitesimal silica spheres that diffuse light to exhibit several colors of the rainbow. Thereafter this beautiful gemstone is given a new term as play-of-color.

Tons of opal ranges exist, but not many (like Fire Opal and Boulder Opal) are widely renowned. The main producer of the Opal gemstone is Australia. The country approximately produces 95% of the recorded world’s supply. Besides, this gem is also found in other countries including Mexico, Brazil, Honduras, Ethiopia, the Czech Republic, and Nevada and Idaho. The hardness of this stone is nearly around 5.5 to 6 on the Mohs scale, thereby making it one of the most delicate stones that can break when put under harsh temperature, lack of moisture or under direct light. Wearing this gemstone will bring you good fortune; improve the charisma, attractiveness, affluence, and passion of love. It even helps in improving the understanding level among the couples.


Things you need to bear in mind before buying Opal gemstone:

Opal gemstone is evaluated on the basis of color, clarity level, stone cut, and weight. Here are some facts that you need to look out when planning to buy this precious stone:


The color is regarded as the key factor that decides the overall quality of the stone. Broadly speaking, the dark backgrounds Opal like black ones are relatively more expensive and valued than the milky white ones. Warm tone colors like red and orange are very rare ones and even considered more precious than common colors like blue and green.


Gemstones with large and intense blotches are relatively much better than the ones with small specks.

Clarity Level

Gem opals should be translucent; while opaqueness makes black opals more treasured one. A gloomy, creamymiasma decreases any opal's value and may point out unpredictability.

Stone Cut

Good quality opals are often cut into asymmetrical shapes to accentuate the play-of-color. Most likely, opals should be cut cabochon with the round cupola.


Tourmaline gemstone derived its name from the Sinhalese versesturamali, which denotes "stone of diversified colors." Tourmaline commonly comes in green and pink color combination. It is mainly mined in countries, including Brazil, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Maine, California, Nigeria, Mozambique, Madagascar and Afghanistan. Its hardness ranges between 7 and 7.5 on the Mohascale, thereby making it a very wearable precious stone.

It is said to protect the wearer against harmful radiation, contaminants, venoms and deleterious thoughts. The stone even helps in weight loss, improves blood circulation, promotes good mood, and decreases water retention in the body. Tourmaline is known to help wearer reduce the production of lactic and free fatty acids in the body.


Things you need to bear in mind before buying Tourmaline gemstone:

Trust me; no two tourmaline gemstones are identical. This precious stone is available in different types of colors, qualities and place of origin. This way you get the chance to choose among different options depending on your budget and the style you like the most. Like Opals, tourmaline is even evaluated depending on the color, clarity level, stone cut and carat weight.


Generally speaking, the tourmaline which is available in darker shades like black is relatively budget-friendly than the brighter tones like in shades of pink or red. Besides this, Green and blue tourmaline are also widely known.

Clarity Level

Usually, tourmaline isn’t a type of gemstone which holds very good clarity level. It does have an inclusion which is removed when the stone undergoes some sort of chemical treatment. However, you can check with your gemmologist as well and hence buy the ones you like the most.

Stone Cut

These are usually found in slender, columnar crystals and most of the finished precious stone have elongated and asymmetrical shapes. So, you can check with the jeweler the shape you like the most. However, the stone cut even depends on the carat weight that you will be recommended to wear.

Carat Weight

As per the estimates, Paraíba tourmaline is one of the stones that are more than one carat. It is definitely very rare to find. However, the color of tourmaline is considered to be of more value in comparison to the size of the stone. The bright-colored stones are valued more than the ones huge in size and dark colored stones.

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