How to Choose an Emerald: Things to keep in Mind to Derive Highest Benefits

Emeralds have been listed as one of the nine most revered gemstones on Earth. In many Asian cultures, these beryl gemstones are considered as therapeutic elements to cure many bodily, mind and spiritual defects and damages. It is rightly called the “Stone of Unconditional Love”, wearing the emerald close to the heart and on the ring finger brings vitality to the soul and strengthens the relationship.

For unmarried men and women wearing an emerald is the best “dating” booster. However, the long list of benefits can be enjoyed only when you choose a gemstone that is flawless and exudes all the properties of a genuine emerald.

Here are 4 things to keep in mind while choosing an emerald.

The Source:

Dig into the source of the gemstone. Believe it or not— natural gemstones considered to be of the best quality come from Asian and North American countries. Emeralds mined from different parts of the world exhibit a varied range of green color. However, the only choice that the buyer has to make is to pick the darker shades over the lighter ones.


All top gemstone sellers have to necessarily put the information tag revealing the source of the gemstone. Look out for gemstones from Afghanistan, Australia, Canada, China, Colombia, Spain, USA, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The 4Cs:

The best emerald beads are the ones that satisfy the 4 C conditions. Consistent color and clarity, definite cuts and accurate carat weight—these are the exact parameters that no buyer should miss while buying an emerald. The darker emeralds have a higher concentration of chromium and vanadium. Look out for the absolute concentration levels of these ions as they are not considered ideal for long-term contact.

Similarly, test the emerald under X-ray spectroscopy to verify if the gemstone has any flaws, fissures or cracks inside it.

Real versus synthetic:

Thanks to the technology, many emerald gemstone sellers also offer synthetically manufactured stones at a much cheaper rate. However, the validity of their usefulness is still a dubious aspect. Many astrologers suggest that the synthetic emeralds are just as good as the real ones as they have the same composition and the color gradient as the naturally occurring emeralds.


Most top selling gemstone showrooms clearly distinguish between their natural and synthetic collections. However, what they won’t tell the buyer is the quality and the technology used to manufacture them. Do they have silica in them? Are they artificially dyed? Are they irradiated to look brilliant?
These are some of the doubts that every emerald buyer should clarify with the gemstone dealer before buying.

The warmness of the gemstone:

When placed on the hand, the emerald seems to exude warmth even in sub-zero temperature. Emerald is a very congenial gemstone. It goes well with almost every personality. Essentially the birthstone for May, emeralds are also worn by people suffering from relationship issues and those with known history of liver, heart and kidney ailments.  The warmness of the emerald is what attracts the buyer.