How to Choose Birthstones by Month - Part 2

We read how each month between January and July has a particular gemstone assigned as a birthstone in the part one of the article. Those born in the rest of the months of the year too have a special gemstone to adore. Let us explore these sets.

  1. Ruby for August

A July-born person is creative, dynamic and wise. Ruby birthstone for June month is a highly prized adornment considering its beauty, rarity and alluring brilliance. It symbolizes the fiery personality of the Cancerians. If you are looking for a delightful gifting option for a July-born person, ruby rings and amulets are uncompromising package. Rare, elegant and extremely tough, ruby gemstone pendants and rings last a lifetime.

  1. Peridot and Sarodnyx

The hazel coloured peridot is the birthstone for month of August. It is associated with mysticism and absolute happiness. If you are born in August and looking for trust in relationship, then wearing the Peridot amulet proves to be beneficial.

Alternate gemstone for August that you can wear with Peridot is Sardonyx- a fusion of pearl and garnet. It is a reddish brown stone with white bands running across its surface. Gemstones engraved with inscriptions, hymns and God-like figures are known to empower the adorner with supernatural power.

  1. Sapphire

Are you looking for a special for someone born in September? Sapphire, especially the Blue stone, symbolizes heavenly protection in difficult situations in life. The amulets and pendants of sapphire are most prized items available as birthstone rocks. Other colours that are gifted as birthstone range between purple, mauve and green. Yellow sapphire is also considered as an auspicious birthstone.

  1. Tourmaline and Opal

Individuals born in the month of October have two gemstones as gifting options. Both gemstones are immaculate in their own right. Tourmaline suits the feminine characteristic while opal balances masculine features. Tourmaline as a birthstone displays multiple shades but watermelon tourmaline is the most popular item. Beads and pendants of tourmaline in green, white, pink and red colours look dapper and pristine as birthstone gifts.
Opal, on the other hand, is a sombre birthstone for October-born individuals. White opal combined with gold metal is a smart accessory that not only imparts spiritual healing but also doubles up as elegant fashion jewellery.

  1. Topaz and Citrine

November is one of the colder months of the year. Why not set the temperatures soaring with a fiery birthstone gift! Topaz is richly gem that is associated with the individuals born in the month of November. It is an antique piece of jewellery when worn over gold and silver. Pink topaz is one of the largest selling birthstones followed by topaz in yellow, orange and purple shades. Stones weighing 3 carats are ideal gifting sets.
Citrine is a healing birthstone for November. Yellow matte Cristine is an affordable gemstone, especially if it is sourced from mines of Brazil, Spain and Bolivia. When it comes to look, no other gemstone beats the elegance of a dark orange citrine.

  1. December

Those born in the last month of the year have three gemstones to adorn. They are Violet-blue tanzanite, golden red Zircon and turquoise. Turkish stone for December is the costliest birthstone ever sold as a December gift item.