How to Choose the Right Blue Topaz

If you’re looking for special, beautiful, vibrant colored gemstones for your loved ones or for yourself maybe, you should first learn the basics about how to choose one. But even before you learn the basics of selecting the right gemstone, you should know exactly which one to buy.

Try buying a stone that suites you and will always have a positive impact on your physical health. It should be able to possess some mystical properties that should never have an adverse affect on your personal and professional life. We suggest that you choose Blue Topaz, for it is a very hard stone and besides the positive energies that it expected to possess, it will also work for any type of jewelry.

How to Choose the Right Blue Topaz

       And next are three steps that you need to follow while out shopping for the right Blue Topaz.  

          1.Decide which shade of blue topaz you like the best. Learn to make the correct choice of color. Choose a shade of Blue Topaz that makes you look and feel beautiful. Topaz comes in many varied colors with the shade of natural topaz being so light that it appears almost clear. The treated ones can come in a variety of blues and varied levels of saturation. Unless and until a stone is absolutely colorless, the assumption should be that it was heat treated. When we say heat treated we mean that these stones are heated at varying temperatures and lengths of time to achieve various shades of blue. The color of Topaz varies from aqua, sky blue, electric blue.

          2.  Learn to examine the clarity and some visible flaws. Topaz in its rough form is available in large pre-cut sized; therefore the stone when cut by professionals should practically be flawless. But if they are flawless, they should be extremely expensive. Total clarity is the standard for Blue Topaz. Unhindered light should travel through the stone, which should also have a smooth and a highly reflective surface. The value of this gemstone bead depends more on the cut more than the stone itself, therefore when you but Blue Topaz look for unique, striking cuts. A stone that is well-cut will shimmer when it is held in light.

         3.Take appropriate time to comparison shop.  Blue Topaz is a moderately-priced gem, therefore shop around to find the best deal. Due to lagging economy, the price of darker stone have recently hit the sky. Darker stones are treated for a longer time, which means that they are held longer before they are sold out.

Blue topaz jewelry has a uniquely radiant color that helps make it a striking choice. High-quality blue topaz is cut to maximize the intensity of its color, not for its size. At Blue Nile, you will find our hand-selected blue topaz jewelry has vivid, saturated color, pure hues, and good translucency.