How to find your lucky Gemstone And its Ideal Weight?

Gemology is a part of astrology and it borrows several ideas from astrology itself. This is applicable even in the case of numerology. It is a well known fact that many people get gemstones in order to improve their luck and bring prosperity in their lives. However, not all people know which gemstone is associated with which planet or chakra or give relief to some diseases. On the other hand, many are even confused in deciding the weight of these stones in terms of carats and choose the metal that will go best with them. 

The Role Of Different Fingers:

It is often said that different stones should be worn in different fingers in order to realize the best outcome. Both numerology and gemology says that the index finger is associated with the stomach and respiratory functions. On the other hand, the middle finger governs the brain, intestine, mind and liver. The little finger governs the feet, leg and genitals. The ring finger is responsible for governing the stomach, respiration, kidney, blood vessels and of course the blood circulation in the body. 

Getting An Idea Of The Weight:

Deciding the weight of the stone suitable for an individual is not easy to do. While buying any gemstone, you get an idea of the weight in terms of carats. In order to get a better idea, one carat is equal to 200 milligrams. If your lucky number is one as per your name, Ruby is determined to be your lucky stone. Consequently, you will require it in total 5 carts or 1000 milligrams. You will require 2.5 carats if 5 is your lucky number. Hence, the weight measurements are done in this manner. 

In fact, it is crucial for you to understand the weight of the gemstone if you have different other lucky numbers matching your name. For instance, if your lucky number is 2, you need a stone weighing 200 mg. Whether you buy Ruby gemstone beads or any other gemstone, you need to buy of the same weight. If 2 and 6 are your lucky numbers, you should go for 3 carats. However, if you have only 3 as your lucky number, you need a stone weighing 1 carat. However, in this context, it is not Ruby but Amethyst beads that is the lucky stone for you. If 5 is the number of luck, you will require 2.5 carats or 500 mg.

Garnet and Ruby are your lucky stones for lucky number 4. You will require 0.5 carats or 100 mg of the stone. On the contrary, if 5 is lucky for you, you need the same stone weighing 500 mg or 2.5 carats. You can use the same method for other stones, as a whole. 

If the numerology lucky number is 5, your lucky stone is diamond. You need it in 2.5 carats or 500 mg. Buy the same stone in 3 carats if your number is 6.

Thus, there are several ways of determining your lucky stone and its weight.