How to Select Your Signature Gemstone Beads

Jewelry impresses all women and the latest trend is personalized jewelry items; this unique and wonderful design of jewelry lets you put it signature on almost everything that you wear. Gemstone studded jewelry quickly adds a flash of colors to your ears, fingers, wrist and neck. However when it comes to the selection of one signature gemstone, it is always important to find out the pros and cons of wearing a particular gemstone. The most important thing about selecting gemstone studded jewelry is finding gems that speak to you on a personal level.



Here are the points that you should consider before selecting your signature gemstone:

  • Consider your Birthstone: Birthstones are a representation of the month in which you were born, and each month has a minimum of two natural gemstones for you to choose from. Stone jewelry represents the month of your birth. For example: choosing opal rings and bracelets represent the month of October, Ruby is the birthstone for July etc.

  • Choose from Colors: Admits a collection of hundreds of varieties of gemstones, choosing your gemstone can be difficult. But if you select gemstones based on their color it will be a lot more easily. Find the gemstones that best personify you. Lovers of sea blue can fully appreciate gorgeous aquamarine gems; look for aquamarine rings, earrings and pendants. If you prefer serene and mysterious black jewelry, indulge in onyx rings and bracelets.

  •  Embrace the gemstone heritage: Most gemstones available these days have strong cultural ties, and wearing them can connect you to your heritage or a culture that you admire. For example: Jade has been an important part of Chinese culture since 6,000 B.C., and various jade gemstones represent many Asian civilizations. Jade rings, pendants and earrings bring mysticism to your jewelry collection. A turquoise bracelet can remind you of your Western United States roots.

  •  Involve in the legend: Each gemstone has a particular legend associated with it and it can be really interesting to know about these legends.  Their stunning beauty and natural occurrence easily inspire dreamers. For example: If you love stories about Greek gods, consider adding amethyst gems to your jewelry collection. Amethyst was thought by ancient Greeks to ward off drunkenness and the imaginative Greeks believed that Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, created this beautiful purple stone.

    Your gemstone studded jewelry should be exactly like you want it to be; therefore the selection of gemstones should be done with extreme care and should be based on your research about it and the various things it is associated with.