How to Take Care of Your Gemstones - A Guide

When you buy jewelry you make sure that it is just the kind you want and looks perfect on you; so it is all in all your responsibility to take care of it and make it look beautiful forever.  Whatever be the choice of jewelry, beauty appears only when you take extreme care of it. While everything needs to be looked into, gemstone jewelry requires maximum care because the shine and the glitter of the gem are lost away with time. 

Before you know the various methods that can be used to clean stones, it is important to know a few things about them.

When should you clean your gemstones or gemstone jewelry?

  • As soon as you buy them.
  • After each use.
  • Whenever you feel it has become drained and dull. 

How often should you do the stone cleaning process?

  • Stones need to be cleaned almost regularly, especially the ones that are worn and carried more frequently. 
  • Ones that you wear on a daily basis should be purified every day.
  • Gems that are known for their healing properties, massage or pendulums should be cleaned and purified after every use.
  • Altar stones and environmental healing stones should be cleansed on a monthly basis.

What are the best ways to clean the stones?

There are several methods to clean gemstones; however the best is decided by the type of stone, the time that can implement in cleaning it and the tools that you possess for its cleaning process.  The best known methods are:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Air
  • Sun
  • Moon

Irrespective of the method that you choose to clean the stones, you just need to be confident in mind of the intention of  cleaning it and carrying unwanted energies to a place where they are of no harm to you and your desire to re-energize the gem is accomplished with positive vibes. 

This little guide of how to take care of your gemstones and gemstone studded jewelry makes you capable enough to take care of your jewelry by yourself. The simplest possible ways are to be implemented and the life of you jewelry only increases year by year.