How to Take Care of Your Precious and Semi Precious Gemstone Beads

Your gemstone beads are perhaps the most important possessions that you have, which makes it important for you to take care of them. However it is important that you know and understand that taking care of gemstone beads is not an easy think if you have absolutely no knowledge of how things have to be done. This blog will focus on how you can take care of your gemstone beads.

There is a difference in the process of cleaning a precious gemstone and a semi precious gemstone; this however may not be applicable to all kinds of gems. There are certain chemicals which damage your gemstones and therefore you should consult a gemstone guide before cleaning gemstones using harsh chemicals.

If you are willing to take care of your gemstone beads at home, keep the following points in mind:


  •  Keep your gemstones away from dust:Those who wear gemstone studded jewelryreally commonly would understand and see that their gemstone jewelry gets covered with dust and this dust spoils the look of gemstones. It is therefore advisable that you wipe away all the dust accumulated on your gemstone beads and maintain the beauty that’s in them.

  • Wipe away any dust only with a soft cotton fabric: Use on a soft cotton fabric for wiping the dust and other external particles. Using a soft cotton fabric avoids any scratches that could spoil your gems.

  • Clean the gems at regular intervals, but do not be too frequent and harsh in cleaning: Clean your gemstones carefully and at regular intervals, but make sure you do not get harsh cleaning them. Maintain a regular cleanliness date for your gems and take care of them on all the other occasions.

  •  Keeping in mind the properties of gemstones keep the desired ones away from water and fire: There are some gemstones which show some reaction with fire and water, such gemstone should not be brought in close contact with either.

  • Use detergent and water to clean the gems which do not reach with both: If the gemstones that you are wearing do not react with detergent and water then the cleaning process of these gemstones should be done with mild detergent and water. Using only mild detergent is advisable because a harsh detergent may spoil the quality and look of your gemstone.

  • Store your gemstone beads in a clean box: Use only a clean box to store gemstone beads. Using a box that does not attract dirt and dust will be better because you can be sure that there is no dust entering the box, thus keeping your gemstones safe.


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