Introduction and Features of Black Spinel gemstone

Black Spinel is long lasting gemstone rating 8 on Mohs scale, due to its scratch resistance nature this gemstone is considered more durable as compared to other gemstones. The history of this gemstone goes back to ancient time at the time of its inception in Badakshan erstwhile known as Balas or Balasica in northern region of Afghanistan. The name Spinel is derived from Latin word Spina referring to thorns, which is due to sharp nature of spinel crystals. It would be interested to know that in earlier days this stone was regarded as Ruby by the ancient people due to same features adhered in both the gemstones. At present apart from being extracted in Badakshan, this gemstone is also available in Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka and large portions of Africa. Black Spinel gemstone is extensively used in creating fascinating pendants, necklaces and different types of jewelry items.

Black Spinel gemstone

Features Of Black Spinel gemstone

 (1): Use of this gemstone helps in strengthening your love relations with dear ones and is said to generate positivity at the times of problems and sorrows.

(2):  It is also believed that due to its immortality feature it blesses long life to the user.

 (3): It is folklore that this stone is bestowed with spiritual powers thus enhances hope, willpower of the wearer, thus making him ready to face various problems of his life with full courage.

(4):  As the survival period of this gemstone dates back to ancient times it has been endorsed by people of all periods. It is said that use of this gemstone enhances the inner beauty of the user and helps him in enjoying success in all fields of his life, in which earlier he had faced failure.

 (5):   An interesting feature of this gemstone is that it is suitable to women of all ages despite of their age difference, and adds grace to their looks.