Introduction of Brown Zircon Gemstone Beads

Zircon constitutes an important gemstone in niche of semi Precious Gemstones which despite of being used as jewelry items is also used as a precious asset by stone lovers. With hardness of 7.5 on Moh’s scale Zircon is one of the hardly gemstones which is used in production of fascinating jewelry items. However it would be interested to learn that despite of their hard nature this gemstone is very soft and easily cracks if their crystal lattice are pressurized or dislocated.

Brown Zircon Gemstone Beads

Like other gemstones there are various folklores associated with use of brown Zircon it is considered as the zodiac stone of persons born in month of December, apart from it is also believed that use of this gemstone delivers mental peace to the wearer. It is also believed that use of this gemstone enhances knowledge and richness of the wearer.