Jewellery Gift Ideas for Wedding Anniversary

Every wedding anniversary is nothing less than a milestone. It is the occasion to celebrate the unconditional love, commitment and togetherness. Make the moment special by gifting your spouse some jewellery. Here, we are going to reveal the most popular traditional gift for wedding anniversary.

1st Anniversary: Yellow Gold

First anniversary is very special and there cannot be a better gift then yellow gold jewellery to thank and show your love to your wife. Most of the brides wear gold on their wedding day, and it will remind them about the wonderful beginning a year back. Now some of you might be thinking what ornament to gift in gold, well if budget is not a problem then go for a gold necklace studded with moonstone beads. It will not only look lovely also the powers of Moonstone gemstone bead ensure that your life is always filled with love, good health and wealth.

5th Anniversary: Sapphire

The number 5 represents God’s Grace, yes it’s because of the blessing and grace of Almighty that you have sailed five years of wedding. The occasion surely calls for a big party and wonderful gift to your beloved wife. The ideal gift here would be a sapphire studded ring. The sapphire gemstone represents faithfulness, love and trust. The stone will ensure that even if you stay apart because of your job or business commitment then too, the distance never take a toll on your relationship. It is very important because surely both of you would love to celebrate more wedding anniversaries together.  Although, deep blue sapphire beads jewellery comes up as the popular choice but you can also go for pink sapphire as it will evoke a feeling of romance.

Sapphire gemstone Beads

10th Anniversary: Diamond

Celebrating 10th wedding anniversary is nothing less than a landmark. Thank your spouse for the love by gifting her dazzling diamond studded jewellery. Diamond comes up as the perfect 10th anniversary gift. A diamond studded ring would be an ideal gift that she would love to flaunt proudly to her friends. It will make her feel how much you love her.

20th Wedding Anniversary:

The symbol of everlasting love Emerald Gemstone comes up as the perfect choice for 20th wedding anniversary gift. The fact that it represents Goddess of Love – Venus makes ideal choice. Gift her emerald gemstone beads studded earring. The emerald comes up as a thoughtful gift as it ensures that both couples remain loyal to teach other. Its healing crystal will help you to come out emotional ups and downs in life. Believe us, your better half is going to love the beautiful gift.

Emerald Gemstones

50th Anniversary: Gold

50th Wedding Anniversary means reaching the biggest milestone in married life. It calls for a big celebration with children, grand children, friends and relatives. The perfect gift for Golden Anniversary is Gold jewellery. Gift your spouse a entire set of gold jewellery Gold necklace, rings, earrings and bangles to make the day really special and renew the wedding vows in the same way you did 50th years ago.