June and Its Beautiful Birthstones

So now that we’re officially into the month of June, it is the perfect time to know about its really special and beautiful birthstones. Now that we said birthstones, it is so because June is the only month of the year that has not just one birthstone, but two. The two gemstones beads that are officially the stones of this summer month are “Pearl” and “Alexandrite”.



Most of the June babies connect well with the freshness of the water of the sea; it is evident that the cherishing Natural Pearls are their birthstones. In addition to this, an extremely rare variety of gemstones- Alexandrite is also revered as the birthstone for those born in June. One of the most distinguishing characters of Alexandrite is its property to change color from red to green.

While both of these gemstones have unique and established properties of their own that make them the choice for most people, yet the significance of them being the birthstones of June is much higher for all those who’re born in the month of June.

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