Knowledge Basket: Top 5 Gemstones that Contribute to Making You a Legend

Knowledge is power and it is imperative to reveal myriad secrets that renowned philosophers adorned in their lifetime. One of them was a bead of gemstones and rings that ensured that their spiritual journey never ended abruptly. However, with time, the importance of the gemstones in empowering a human being with mystic powers has vanished. This article is an attempt to rediscover the worth of gemstones that were once known as the “Wisdom Rocks”.
Here are top 5 gemstones that every human must embrace to master knowledge.

1.  Agate:

Agate gemstone is often referred to as the spiritual rock by most astrologers. It is a rare variety of chalcedony that has the deep connection with the ancestral roots of the individual. Knowledge about one’s past is just as important as predicting future. The specks of the vibrant colors look like the rainbow and hence symbolize the inner stability, confidence, and maturity that every human is expected to display.

2.  Ajoite:

Ajoite is a cosmic gemstone believed to strengthen the metaphysical and spiritual faculties in the person wearing it. It is a highly revered gemstone that helps communicate with angels and spirits. The bluish green angelic gemstone improves the concentration level in the person preparing for an important event in life. It improves consciousness and psychic knowing, which not many humans can master in their whole life.

3.  Cavansite:

Cavansite is a very uncommon gemstone revealing a brilliant blue and green hue. It is basically calcium vanadium silicate and found among zeolites. Wearing a Cavansite Gemstone amulet empowers the adorned with the knowledge of inner self. It improves the intuitive power and bridges the gap between the known and the unknown.

Blue cavansite crystal is also a symbolic representation of the ‘third eye’ of Lord Shiva.

4.  Chrysoberyl:

Chrysoberyl belongs to the family of oxide minerals. It is identified from its dusty gold and white spar like appearance. From the spiritual point of view, the chrysoberyl gemstone is the most underrated collector’s item. Unlike other beryl elements like gold beryl, aquamarine, and emeralds, the chrysoberyl is a silicate. It is believed to open up the eyes and mind to the prophetic visions. Wearing chrysoberyl during exam preparation improves retention and reproduction of the ideas.

5.  Turkish purple jade:

The purple jade gemstone is a collector’s delight. Not only is it very rare, it is also the secret ammunition for philosophers who carry it for good luck and fortune. It has a cosmic connection with planet Jupiter, the planet of luck, wealth, and knowledge.

Purple jade evokes inquisitive attitude in the individual adorning it. It can be worn from a very young age. By the time the child reaches adolescence, purple jade too becomes a part of the far-reaching popularity owing to the child’s intelligence and maturity. Also called “Dreamer’s Stone”, the purple jade is the window into what future holds.

Gemstones for knowledge also neutralize the negativity that comes with abundant knowledge. These gemstones restore the ego balance.