Labradorite Gemstone: A Frozen Fire of the Aurora Borealis

It is believed that the Labradorite gemstone is a frozen fire that fell from Aurora Borealis, a magic of nature. It is no ordinary stone; it shimmers, shines, glows and gets you awestruck on its wonderful appearance. But that’s not all about this wonderful gemstone; it is one of its kinds and has hundreds of benefits for you to cherish and reap. It is said to be the stone of the magicians, the healers, the divine spirits and the good energies.

Those seeking guidance and knowledge from the universe must possess at least one Labradorite gemstone. If one wishes to awaken his Higher Self or inner spirit, this is the only stone that can help him achieve his target.

What does this stone do?

The first and the most important thing that it does is that it provides you with psychic abilities. Let’s face it – every person is a born psychic. The only thing is that some individuals develop their abilities and the others choose to forget. If you want to develop your psychic powers, a Labradorite gemstone can support your dream. Wear this stone or hold it in your hands while meditating on your Third Eye and the power of psychic talents would be granted to you.

Labradorite gemstone

The second important benefit of this stone is that it allows you to peep into your past life. This clearly means that if you are suffering from several problems in your current birth due to your past life Karma, then you can find out what is it that’s making you go through all that you are tolerating at present. Once you have an idea about your Karmic issues, you can heal your past and move on with a better and smoother life.

The third important benefit of this gemstone is that it treats the addictions that you have. From over-consumption of alcohol to the craving for cigarettes, everything can be brought to control with the help of a Labradorite gemstone. Once you start using this stone, you realize that your addictions do not make you crave anymore. You decrease the consumption of alcohol and your habit of smoking. Also, the adverse effects that such habits have caused to your body are healed by the energy flowing from this stone. Several drug-addicts have shown impressive results by controlling their addiction after wearing Labradorite gemstones.

Last, but not the least, physiotherapists wear this stone in order to have healing properties in their hands. The moment they start using their hands on the body of their patient, the energy from their Labradorite gemstone starts flowing from them to the patient, improving his condition and filling him with an optimistic attitude. The more positive the patient is, the easier it is for the physiotherapists to treat him.

Labradorite gemstone Beads

Now that you know about the various benefits of a Labradorite gemstone, make sure you buy one and use it to improve your life. Such a stone heals you completely.