Magical Powers of Ametrine

Magical Powers of Ametrine

Ametrine is one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world. It is unique due to the presence of both amethyst and citrine. The stone is found in crystalline form in Bolivia, hence, it also known by its trade name, Bolivianite.

The Ametrine gemstone is beneficial for those who are suffering from depression, thanks to its ability to provide inner peace, sense of tranquility, psychic awareness and spiritual enlightenment. The stone can also remove harmful toxins from your body besides curing insomnia and nightmares. Moreover, it is effective in the treatment of cancer patients.

Magical Powers of Ametrine

Ametrine- The Money Stone

Ametrine is also called a money stone and it is believed that the presence of amethyst and citrine make it one of the more effective to attract money or riches. That’s why; many people wear Ametrine in their jewelry and carry it wherever they go. Thanks to the numerous magical powers of Ametrine, Amertine gemstone beads have become quite trendy now- a-days. The gemstone has no relation to myths and folklore but still it’s one of the most precious gemstones used by the people all over the world. To attract positive energies and success, you can wear Amertine gemstone beads in your ring, pendant and necklace!

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