Making that Dent in Fashion with the Imperial Topaz Gemstone Beads

Topaz which is one of the twelve breastplate stones belonging to the High Priest as referred to in the Book of Exodus. The breastplate stones are considered sacred to the twelve might angels who are expected to guard the gates to paradise.

 Imperial Topaz is a sub category of Topaz and today this gemstone is used to encourage self realization, build up confidence, impart strength to quiet and wild emotions and banish all forms of bad dreams. But there’s one thing that makes it a stone of high importance for women and it is its beauty which attracts a woman of almost every age group.

 The beauty of the gem is its natural property but Ratna Sagar Jewels take the responsibility to enhance its looks and make it a stone perfect for the wearer. Enhancing its quality is what they do. Adding more luster, shaping it, and making it the one you’d like to wear and then pass on to your children is what they’re all about.

At Ratna Sagar Jewels you’ll find the Imperial Topaz gemstone in almost every shape you could think of. From the simplest to the most complex shape they have it all for you. Here’s a look on the various shapes you can find in the imperial topaz beads.

Making that Dent in Fashion with the Imperial Topaz Gemstone Beads

  • Faceted Rectangles
  • Oval faceted
  •  Flat Peer Briolettes
  • Dew Drops
  • Heart Briolettes etc.

 This is certainly not the end of the collection of shapes that they have; there’s always more waiting at the end. Other than cutting the gemstone in various shapes, they enhance the color by giving multiple layers of polish. Polishing is done with the view to make it lustrous and beautiful. This again does not mark the end of it all, and then they come up with the most amazing thing is jewelry items. Whether to decide to pick out on simple imperial topaz studs or beautiful necklaces, a pendant, a pair of earrings, a ring or even a bracelet; they have it all for you.

 At Ratna Sagar Jewels you’ll find a rare collection of gemstones in shapes that are far beyond your imagination. You’ve just got to check and find what best suites you because you’ll never rest on one it and will keep looking for more.